K&B Ag Acquires Professional Ag Supplies

To better serve Benton and Linn county, K&B Ag Supply has recently acquired the assets of Professional Ag Supplies in Walford, Iowa.

“We are excited for the opportunities this brings and to also welcome Kris and Galen to the K&B Ag Supply team,” said Mark Stutsman, COO, Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc.

Kris and Galen, founders of Professional Ag Supplies, will be bringing their 32 years of agronomy experience to K&B and will seasonally man the Walford location.

“Galen and I are looking forward to working with everyone at K&B Ag Supply as well as the bright future ahead,” said Kris.

K&B Ag Supply’s full-service agronomy line-up, particularly technology, expanded input offerings, and broader seed options, will be a valuable addition to Professional Ag Supplies’ loyal customer base. This new location will also provide quicker and closer access to dry fertilizer for some K&B, Stutsman, and Wellman customers.

“We’re looking forward to serving new growers in the Walford area, and to more agilely meet customer needs in Benton and Linn county,” said Brad Wernimont, K&B Ag Supply General Manager.

For any questions, feel free to contact:

  • Brad Wernimont: 319.325.4673
  • Kris: 319.551.0214
  • Galen: 319.551.0215
  • Walford Plant: 319.846.2590