May STRIVErs: All Employees

Through the peer-nominated  STRIVEr program, we celebrate the employees who exemplify our core values and serve customers, co-workers, and community members for success. For the first time in the STRIVEr program’s history (insert drum roll), all K&B Ag Supply, Stutsman (ECS, STI, SLI), and Wellman Farm Center employees are awarded STRIVEr honors!


“Even a pandemic couldn’t stop K&B Ag Supply, Stutsman (ECS, STI, SLI), and Wellman Farm Center employees from serving customers for success. Despite many unknowns, employees continued to exceed expectations in providing service to the essential agriculture, transportation, and logistics industries. Our employees met these uncertain times with enthusiasm, truly living out the Stutsman core values. We are grateful for our team members’ commitment to serving customers and fellow employees for success in the safest manner.”

Values Represented:

Set the Bar Higher, Take the Lead, Radiate Enthusiasm, Instill Authenticity, Value Collaboration, and Exceed Expectations

Did you have a great experience with a K&B employee? Nominate them here or leave a message at 319.679.7250!

Core Values

Set the Bar Higher

The agriculture industry’s core foundation is based on innovation and adaptation. In order to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to grow as a company, it is imperative that we remain open to new ideas, concepts, and methods with optimism. By being proactive and challenging the status quo, we can continue to move the standard in the right direction.

Take the Lead

No matter the task, no matter the position, we have an attitude of ownership and a sense of initiative. The ability to make decisions with the company’s well-being in mind, as well as having the accountability to follow through with getting the job done, are traits conducive to success. Taking the lead includes questioning actions that are not consistent with our mission and values.

Radiate Enthusiasm

Attitudes are extremely contagious, so it is crucial we have ones worthy of catching. By being a “carrier” for optimism and enthusiasm we create an enjoyable and rewarding atmosphere.

Instill Authenticity

Being authentic is not just about being true to ourselves but upholding integrity in every aspect of life. Being honest, doing the right thing, and holding ourselves accountable in all that we say and do are true measures of a genuine person and company.

Value Collaboration

Maximizing teamwork and communication across the entire company is essential to overall success. By keeping our communication open and honest while breaking down internal barriers, we can foster unity, understanding, and overall productivity. After all, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford.

Exceed Expectations

In 1934 Eldon Stutsman made service the cornerstone of the company, and after all this time, exceptional service still defines who we are. Whether it’s our co-workers, our vendors, or especially our customers, we are driven to exceed their expectations.